Here are some of the 2 mm : 1 ft. scale models I (and other people)  have made from my etched kits.








GER Y14 (LNER J15)   Model less than 4" long.

GER S56 (LNER J69) 0-6-0T running as a 2-4-0T with the front coupling rods removed as on the Kelvedon & Tollesbury Light Railway.   Model less than 2" long.


GER Four wheeled tram.   The later six wheeled tram can be modelled from the same etch by substituting the skirts.   Provision is made, as seen here, for the end doors to be modelled in the open position.   A chassis is provided with the kit which includes a mount for a 1016 core-less motor.   Some builders prefer to substitute a proprietary chassis.

GER Brake third coach 

GER 10T goods brake van.

Wisbech four wheeled tram coach.    The end footsteps, their sides and the veranda floor are done as a one piece concertina fold which makes up very easily.

Wisbech bogie tram coach.   This kit, unlike the 4 mm and 7 mm kits available from another manufacturer, models the way the prototype sagged at the ends.

Wisbech brake van No. 16.

GER horse-box.   The kit for this includes a shovel and broom for cleaning up after the horse!

GER four wheeled coaches from the 1870s.   These are sold as a set of five as seen here.   Note that some of the 'drop-lights' (sliding windows in the doors) are open to varying degrees.   Each of the ten coach sides in the set of five coaches has a different arrangement to avoid repetition.   These models were designed from measurements taken from extant coach bodies which had been sold out of service in the early part of the last century for domestic use, often being made into cottages.

Wisbech tram coaches sold as a set of four.

Mid Suffolk Light Railway Husdwell Clark 'Philadelphia' or 'Canal' class 0-6-0T loco (as used on the Manchester Ship Canal).

My model incorporates the patch in the cab roof of loco No.2 which was necessitated by the driver's shot-gun accidentally going off whilst propped up in the cab.

Ex-GER brake third converted to a full brake and used on the Mid Suffolk Light Railway for goods trains.

Set of three Ex-Metropolitan Rly. four wheeled coaches as sold to the Mid Suffolk Light Railway.   These and other items (0-6-0 locomotive, Ex-GER passenger brake van, level crossing gates, cattle dock, station building joinery parts, etc.) are available as a set of etches and were used for my layout 'Framsden' which has a page on this website.

… and now for something completely different!

The inspiration for modelling these, apart from wanting a change from all the little four wheeled coaches I had designed for the GER and Mid Suffolk models, was a photograph of a Cromer - Kings Cross express leaving Melton Constable on the Midland and Great Northern Joint Railway.   I actually designed kits for six different prototypes and some of these run on the famous 2 mm scale layout, Copenhagen Fields.

My examples above won the "Members' choice trophy" at the 2mm Scale Association AGM 2017.   One of these coaches built by Tim Watson for Copenhagen Fields won the same trophy in 2004.

This model is built using 'Worsleyworks' body parts to which I have added my own design of under-frame representing the characteristic and very attractive curly topped 'guard irons', without which I felt the model would have been very disappointing.   These under-frames are available from me, but they are for use with the Fencehouses Cleminson chassis unit for which you would have to check availability.   (Yes - I know the near set of wheels is off the track! - I'll re-take this photo as soon as I can.)

These next London & North Western Railway goods rolling stock kits were designed to commission.   These are some of my test builds

D16 brake van in two tone grey livery.

D15 Beer vans.

'Combination truck'.

Horse box.

North London Railway coaches modelled from London Road Models shot down kits arranged by fellow 2 mm Scale Association member, Steve Dunkeyson, and using my custom designed chassis and roofs.   The coach kits are not available at this time, but some 3D printed North London Railway coaches which are similar are available from Shapeways, I believe, for which these chassis may be suitable.

My rake of five of these won the 'Dreadnought Trophy' at the 2 mm Scale Association AGM in 2016.

First Class four compartment coach.   Length over head-stocks 56 mm.   Wheel-base 30 mm.

Brake coach.   Length over head-stocks 36.7 mm   Wheel-base 22 mm.


Great Western Railway AA13 Toad brake van.

These exquisite models are made not by me, but by Ian Smith, who also took the photograph.   They are from the Worsleyworks body parts and Ian used the chassis I designed to fit these.   The chassis are to two different sets of measurements.   The long one is 60.3 mm between head-stocks and 38 mm wheel-base.   It can be built as a four wheeler or as a six wheeler with sliding centre axle unit.   The short one is 52.3 mm between head-stocks and 36 mm wheel-base.   I was struggling for information when a fellow Association member asked me to do these as an adaptation of my GER coach chassis, and I gather from Ian that the wheelbase is slightly wrong on one of them, but he graciously decided to use it anyway and I think they look superb.

Midland and Great Northern level crossing gates.   What you see above is one of the pairs of road gates and the wicket gate, which I haven't separated yet, in between.   These could be adapted with circular discs to represent other companies' gates.   (The triangular panels were an M&GN feature.)    The safety bars are in the middle layer and the three layers simply solder together.

Yard gate from an example which used to be at Weybourne station on the North Norfolk Railway - solders together in three layers.

GER five and four panel level crossing gates - solder together in three layers with the safety bars in the middle layer.   Two gates - one for each side of the crossing.


Lettering for





done as an etching for the "Copenhagen Fields" layout of the MRC.