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Well, there are images of some of my paintings now on the paintings page and I am working on the services pages – bespoke baseboards and backscenes at the moment.  I took lots of photographs this morning in the garden while it was nice and sunny.


On Thursday evening last it was our approximately monthly Darkest Essex Area Group (of the 2mm Scale Association) meeting.   About half a dozen of us sit around a large dining table working on our own projects, drinking lots of tea and eating cake.   In the photo above are some wagons I have been building which I hope to get painted soon.  At the meeting I was adding little pieces of Blutack to protect the bearings from paint.

In case you are interested, the top two rows are narrow gauge wagons:  four six wheeled ones with Cleminson chassis and the rest are four wheelers.   In front of that are three long low wagons – two Midland flats and a GER wool wagon, a Midland Rly gunpowder van from one of my own etches, two GNR cattle wagons and a train of GER ballast wagons.

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