4mm scale coach body test etches.

I received the test etches a couple of weeks ago and have built two of the three types so far - the Third class and the Brake Third.   (The first class is identical to the Third in terms of the build, so I know that one will go together.)   The etches, as always from PEC, were of excellent quality.   It was a new thing for me to solder things up in brass rather than nickel silver and I am still getting used to the higher thermal conductivity (ouch!)   The coach bodies built very well and you can see a blow by blow account which I have put together by way of some instructions - hopefully to encourage people less experienced at etched kit building to 'give it a go'.   I have already had some very nice feedback about the detailed photos.

I spent some time talking to Dave Hammersley of Roxeymouldings at the Epsom and Ewell show on Sunday.   He very kindly provided me with a lot of advice on the specifics of etched chassis design in 4 mm scale.   I know the dimensions and the types of bearings, for example, available in 2mm scale, but needed to catch up on this information for 4mm scale.   I am now clued-up to design the six wheeled Great Eastern coaches in 4mm scale, which are the next project.

I am now offering these for sale and would be very happy to receive more orders.   More details on the 'New venture ...' page.

The next steps are to make up the chassis and add details to the coaches, and then paint and glaze them to finish them off nicely.

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