Locomotive kits in 4 mm scale

I have been asked to consider producing kits for certain locomotives in 4 mm scale (standard gauge).   At the moment two Great Eastern Rly locomotives look likely : Johnson No.1 Class ‘Little Sharpie’ 2-4-0 which lasted in service from the 1870s to 1913 when the last one was withdrawn. Holden T26 (LNER E4) “Intermediate” Class […]

New products – updated content.

I have been beavering away for months designing etches and building and testing things, then writing instructions.   Finally I have been able to update the website (long overdue).   You will find new 4mm scale kits for coaches and narrow gauge locomotives, other scale kits and a new ‘Orion’ jig. I have not yet composed the […]

4mm scale coach body test etches.

I received the test etches a couple of weeks ago and have built two of the three types so far – the Third class and the Brake Third.   (The first class is identical to the Third in terms of the build, so I know that one will go together.)   The etches, as always from PEC, […]


Last summer I spent a very pleasant few weeks with Samuel, my son, as we started building his 009 model railway.   It was planned to fit into his room at university.   (You can see the making of the boards in the ‘Bespoke Baseboards’ page of this website.)   We decided on mechanical operation of the pointwork […]

New content

I have just added a new page to this website.   It shows some of the models I (and some other people) have built from the etched kits I have designed.You will find it in Galleries.

Painting Layer’s backscene

   In December of last year I was invited to attend ‘The Model Show’ at Poynton near Stockport with my layout Framsden and to demonstrate backscene painting.   While I was there I started the backscene for my little display box/test track/shunting plank, Layer.   Connie (my wife) and I had a very pleasant time meeting up with […]

Ballast wagons finished

Photographed on my layout, Framsden A while ago, in an earlier post, I showed some ballast wagons I was building.   They are interesting vehicles because they are very short, have dumb buffers;  the ends are different;  and the sides slope.   They were fun to build and some time I must complete the brake van to go […]

Three loco bodies for P-pi layout

On Friday I shared a modelling session with my friend, Jon.   He was working on building the chassis for one of my Wisbech tram loco kits and I finished adding the main parts to these three loco bodies for my Southwold layout.Now I need to build the chassis and then add the small details […]

A bridge for Wenhaston

  I made this a little while ago when my friend Jon and I got together for a modelling day.   It is all done from plastic strip from the Evergreen range.   Load test. Ready for installing on the board.

Boilers and fittings Southwold locomotives

 I have been enjoying myself today working at my watchmakers lathe. I made the chimneys for four of the Sharp Stewart 2-4-0T/2-4-2T locomotives on the Southwold Railway.The chimneys are very slender; very tall and with a slight taper – the locomotives look somewhat as if designed by Rowland Emmet (The Early Morning Milk Train cartoons).I […]