Painting Layer’s backscene


In December of last year I was invited to attend 'The Model Show' at Poynton near Stockport with my layout Framsden and to demonstrate backscene painting.   While I was there I started the backscene for my little display box/test track/shunting plank, Layer.   Connie (my wife) and I had a very pleasant time meeting up with several friends and new faces from the 2mm Scale Association and Connie took these photos.

I have thought to portray Layer (for the Essex villages of Layer de la Haye, Layer Breton and Layer Marney) as a winter scene, but that doesn't mean the sky needs to look cold.   I am fairly happy with the result so far but need to make some adjustments - I have found some good pictures of Layer de la Haye church, so can make my portrait of 'a church' more prototypical and I want to develop the barn into a group of buildings.   I am pleased with Hansel and Gretel's cottage in the woods though, above the bridge.   I want to convert some of the trees to tall elms, and add some silver birch to the foreground in the wooded scene.   There will of course be more 3D trees in front of these.

Now I need to finish the scenery.   Normally I wouldn't have started this before finishing the backscene - work down the painting - but I have been tackling the various tasks in parallel with similar tasks on other projects.

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