Here is a little project which has not got very far yet.   I wanted a display cabinet for the wall for some of my models and also something I could take to meetings with other modellers to run and test items.   It is named ‘Layer’, for the villages of Layer-de-la-Haye, Layer Marney and Layer Breton in Essex as a supposed extension of my imaginary branch from Maldon to Tollesbury north to Colchester.   It has a girder bridge measured from one at Little Dunmow and will have a grounded coach body measured from one at the Mid Suffolk Railway Museum at Mendlesham, Suffolk.   The one and only turnout disappears off scene at the end, so the switch function is accomplished by rotating the train cassette through a small angle about a pivot to align with either road.   Layer is a layout with only 2/3 of a point!

1000Layer (1600x1000)

640Layer2 (1600x640)

This should be quick to finish and I can take it around with me easily to display and test locos and stock.   The skyscape will be a fiery sunset with winter trees silhouetted against it.   At 29" x 5" x 7" my friend and fellow 2mm Scale Association member, Mark Fielder, observed "That is not a layout - it's a bas-relief!"