Southwold Railway in 3.14 mm / 1 ft.

I chose the 9.42 mm of standard gauge 2mm scale to represent 3 ft gauge.   It was a happy accident that

9.42 divided by 3 = 3.14 mm / ft., and so Pp scale was born!

With this you get all the advantages of 2mm Scale Association wheels, gears, muffs, track gauges, etc. (and quite a bit of room for weight in the side tanks) and the high quality running that that can enable.   Unlike trying to do the same in 009, the gauge is correct, and 2mm fine-scale style track looks a good match for the very minimal Southwold Railway track.

Being very close to 3 mm / ft scale any TT scenic details and 1:100 architectural model details (Preiser figures for example are available in this scale.) can be used.

The set of etches comprises:

  Two 2-4-0T and one 2-4-2T Sharp Stewart locomotives, including chassis,

  Two coaches with Cleminson chassis,

  Four Cleminson six wheeled wagon chassis,

  12 four wheeled wagon chassis,

  A 60 mm x 40 mm Flemish bond brickwork press – you can produce as much brick embossed plastikard as you like.

  A Scale Rule

  A 20 mm diameter Trundle Wheel (20 scale feet in circumference).

  Sundry scenic details including signal parts, platform barrows, etc. based on those in pictures of the Southwold Rly in books.


Set of etches as detailed above   £220 + p/p 

2-4-0T or 2-4-2T locomotive including chassis   £80 + p/p