Illustrated build sequence for six wheeled coach duckets


I am quite pleased with the way this works.   It follows the method I developed for my 2mm etched coach kits and a potentially difficult part assembly becomes very easy.

This first photo shows a flat ducket frame component, one which has been folded and the area of the coach side into which the ducket frame plugs.

The folded frame is placed in position …

… and soldered around.

The skin is formed to the top ogee curve and the little tab plugged in at the top to hold it.   Then it is just a matter of soldering it in place, working down and forming the lower curves as you go.

The soldering is tidied up later as the full seam is formed and maybe with the judicious use of a scraper made from the end of an old file.

Here is the ducket fully formed on the side of the D514 Brake Third.