Great Eastern Railway Tram Coaches

The images on this page are of the 2 mm scale models at this stage.

These kits are now available to order.

Four Wheeled Tram Coach

(Wheels, bearings and buffers not included.)

Price        £38 + p/p     

Bogie Tram Coach

A feature of the bogie coaches was that, with the heavy self contained buffers, they sagged down at the ends and bent up in the middle.   I was able to measure from prototype photographs how much this was and have included the feature in the model.

(Wheels, bearings and buffers not included.)

Price        £45 + p/p    

Wisbech Converted Brake Coach No.16  (also suits Mid Suffolk Light Rly. Brake Van No.1 used as a good brake.)

(Wheels, bearings and buffers not included.)

Price        £37 + p/p     

These coaches were introduced by the Great Eastern Railway in 1883 on the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway.   Six of the four wheeled coaches were provided and two bogie coaches.   A small luggage van was also provided, but this was found to be too small and so was soon replaced with brake van No.16 converted from a D501 Brake Third coach.

Previous to that the four wheeled passenger tram coaches had apparently been used on the Milwall Extension Railway to North Greenwich.

After passenger services were discontinued on the Wisbech tramway the bogie coaches were used on the Kelvedon and Tollesbury Light Railway.   At this stage the veranda footsteps were modified.   The original footstep arrangement is provided in the kits, but it would be easy to modify them.