Wagon Lettering

An ideal Christmas or Birthday present.  The following options are possible:

  • I can provide repaints of proprietary model wagons (Eg. Hornby or Bachmann) from my own stock.
  • I can repaint a wagon you send me.
  • I can provide a kit building service (Eg Slaters) where I supply the finished model from stock.
  • I can build a kit you send me, subject to all the parts being included(!)

I would need to know to what standards the wagon is to be built if it is to run on a layout - OO, EM, P4, 'O' gauge, S7,   5" gauge (customer to supply)
Modifications using different brakegear, buffers, etc. and springing/compensation would be possible - we would have to agree a price and make sure the replacement parts were available for me.


The livery is up to you.

  • It can be an imaginary livery in your own colours named for a family member, say.
  • More complex liveries would be more expensive.
  • It can be a reproduction of an historic wagon from a maker's photograph in a book, say, if you can provide me the details.
  • The wagon can be supplied in new condition, or weathered to varying degrees.   Again price would depend on complexity